During the Fall of my freshman year at Ithaca College, I joined the news staff of WICB Radio. WICB is Ithaca College’s FM radio station at 91.7, and has taken the title of best college radio station in the county many times. As a newscaster, I was responsible for writing my own 2-3 minute newscast based on information from ENPS Newswire and local news outlets for reading live on the air once a week. Below is an example of one of my newscasts.

In my sophomore year, I also became involved with Ithaca Now, a specialty news program that airs at 7 p.m. on Sunday nights (usually for a half-hour). As part of my involvement, I attended local events and spoke to people around the area before putting together packages and pieces of varying lengths for the show. Below are some of what I consider to be my best works.

In my senior year, I was appointed News Director of WICB. In addition to coordinating all weekly newscasts in a staff of around 40 other students, I was responsible for producing Ithaca Now every week as well as coordinating talent for the show (reporters, hosts, etc.). Below are a few examples of my work as News Director, including full episodes of Ithaca Now. More information and content from the show can be found at WICB’s Soundcloud page or at the show’s website.

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