The Prisma

During the Fall 2012 semester, I studied abroad in the United Kingdom at the Ithaca College London Center and had the opportunity to intern with a multicultural online magazine called The Prisma. The Prisma is published on a daily and weekly basis and mostly focuses on immigration, culture, social justice, and other related issues. Working for The Prisma, where many employees are native Spanish-speakers, also helped me develop my conversational Spanish skills. Below are several of my published stories from the site that I am most proud of.

“Slavery by another name: the ‘Untouchables’…in India.” September 2012: I investigate the plight of the “untouchable” caste in India and speak with Alistair Crow, a UK activist who is fighting to grant them equal rights.

“Jeremy Corbyn…’I don’t think Cameron has got a clue about how people live.” September 2012: I speak with Jeremy Corbyn, a British MP representing an extremely diverse district of Central London.

“‘Squatting’…on dangerous grounds.” October 2012: I look into the long history of squatting and land ownership disputes in the UK, as well as a new bill that could make squatting illegal.

“Chavez…a voice and a choice.” October 2012: I talk about the re-election of Hugo Chavez to the presidency of Venezuela and speak with UK activists who monitor the nation’s democratic process.

A hidden world…corruption exposed.” December 2012: I research the new tourism phenomenon of “corrupt tours” that is sweeping European nations, including the UK.

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