In August 2013, I attended the 50th Anniversary event for the March on Washington in Washington, D.C. I worked along with a group of other Ithaca College students to capture the event from the inside for NBC’s Nightly News program.

As part of a three-person team, I alternatively shot video, ran audio, and conducted interviews with several participants at the event, including the daughter of Reverend Fred Shuttlesworth, one of the major leaders in the civil rights movement. Several b-roll shots and other content that my group had gathered throughout the day of the event were aired during Nightly News’s coverage of the event that night. An Ithaca Intercom article here discusses our work.

Additionally, as a junior at Ithaca College, I along with my partner Carly Smith filmed a documentary about the music of video games, and how it ties together the artistic value and perception of video games from a local to a national level.

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