Buzzsaw Magazine

Beginning in Spring 2012, I joined the staff of Buzzsaw Magazine, Ithaca College’s alternative campus magazine. Buzzsaw features everything from hard news pieces to arts, opinion, editorial, and fiction writing sections, and is published on a monthly basis. Below are a selection of the articles I have written during my tenure as a staff writer.

“The Doctor is In.” March 2012: Following a visit to Ithaca by then-presidential hopeful Ron Paul, I take a look at how Paul’s message would change America.

“Drowning in Debt.” April 2012: I examine the problem of the mounting national debt, where the roots of the issue come from, and if anything can be done to salvage the situation.

“It Figures.” February 2013: I look at the significance of numbers in popular culture, and whether our obsession with certain numbers has a larger societal meaning.

“Media Mirage.” May 2013: I examine whether objectivity can exist given today’s modern media conglomerates and biases.

“Stretching the Limits.” December 2013: Cornell University’s Fiber Science school puts on a high-tech fashion show with the latest in textile developments.

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