Graduation and Current Status

Well, it’s finally over. I graduated! I’m now an official alum of Ithaca College, with a bachelor’s degree in journalism. I am currently back home in Philadelphia applying for many different job positions, but will be leaving for a hiking trip in Ireland on June 16 for two weeks and then moving to Atlanta, GA, sometime around the beginning of August.

With this in mind, I’m still looking everywhere I can to try and find a job. Right now I’m looking specifically in radio and I’m trying to confine it to the East Coast, but I would really be open to working anywhere if there was a position open. My ideal job could be a reporting or anchoring position, or a more production-focused one as I am equally comfortable with both. I am also not necessarily confined to radio, as I love writing and have had a lot of experience in news writing and TV work. If anyone out there is interested and wants to know more after viewing my resume and other information, you can contact me at

So far, some of the cities I’ve looked at as possible living and working places include Buffalo, Syracuse, Rochester, New York City, Philadelphia, Ithaca, Atlanta, and Washington, D.C. I’m planning on looking more into the tri-state area such as New Jersey, Maryland and Delaware soon as well. I might even get lucky with some BBC outlet. Who knows?